Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Splashing in Love

She splashes in the water and giggles with delight. The day is hot and she loves to swim in the little pool. She turns around in circles and gets her face in the water. As she comes out, face drenched, water pouring out of her mouth, and wet wisps of hair sticking to her cheeks I think to myself, “What joy she has, how much her life has changed.” Because two years ago she was wasting away in an orphanage in Eastern Europe, waiting for the day where she would be transferred to a mental institution. The place where she would be today – rather than splashing in the pool – because of her disability.

I am guest blogging at Our Family for His Glory today. To keep reading CLICK HERE.

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  1. Ellen, Thank you again for sharing your story- I know it will continue to bless others (me included)! I appreciate you and your friendship immensely!


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