Friday, May 18, 2012

Drops of Perspective

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Theme: Perspective
I swim in a stream. A strong current pushes me but I pump my arms and kick my legs. Up-stream is where I think my dreams are found; where long time hopes wait for me. I keep swimming.

I get so busy trying to get up-stream that I don’t enjoy the coolness of the water, or the thrill of the ride – letting the current take me to a new place – this stream that is my “mothering” life. 

Often times I lose perspective of what I am doing at home. I reach for dreams that take time away from my little girls. Instead I pursue a writing career or get lost behind a good book. Because for some reason I really struggle to find meaning in the piles of laundry and the housework that needs to be done, or I get bored. 

But this stream carries precious drops of time and I simply do not want to miss them.
Too soon my children will grow. Someday, I will be able to purse those dreams knowing that I am not compromising time with my girls. Someday I will have so much time in my hands that I will be wishing for the days when my kids were little, when the little things I do matter and create lasting loving memories in my daughters’ hearts.

Perspective, sometimes I just need perspective, because life happens quickly and there is a time for everything. Now, it is the time to swim in the stream and allow the current to take me along for the ride.


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  1. Hi Ellen,

    Well put! I think I've been paddling so hard trying to get upstream that I'm missing out all too often as well. I think I'll try to ride the current this week-end. :)

    Joy @

    1. Thanks for stopping by Annie!

  2. I like this post. "Because for some reason I really struggle to find meaning in the piles of laundry and the housework that needs to be done, or I get bored." So true! Makes me think I need to post a reminder on my walls about those precious drops of time.

    1. If you could only see the piles of laundry around here...;)


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