Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I am awake!

1 What are your thoughts?
I realize that I have not posted any pictures of Nichole when she is awake! And she really spends most of the day awake fighting to take naps. Probably because she is getting used to being held all the time, especially since she was just sick.
Yes, Nichole did get sick. Last Friday she had a fever of over 101, and because her liver has not been oficially declared "healthy," I could not give her tylenol. So to the ER we went on Friday night where they did a nebulizer (sp?) treatment and they told me she could take advil for the fever. She is healthier now, but still has a runny nose and healthy lungs that help her tell the world she is not happy I put her down for a nap.

Have I mentioned that she can roll over? She does it all the time and she is only 2 months old! She is even trying to go from her back to her tummy no. (At least it seems that way).

And I had to add a picture of Ellie. On Sunday night we put the Christmas tree up and we were listening to Christmas music. Ellie would lay down in front of the boom box and sway to the music. It was so very cute.



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