Saturday, February 23, 2013

10 Years of Wedded Bliss - Keep Swinginig!

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Andy and I just celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss!

On our wedding day, my father-in-law told of Andy as a little kid, he had a pair of red boxing gloves, and he would come out to the living room ready to defeat his fierce opponent (AKA my father-in-law). Andy fought with all his might, swinging, flinging those scrawny little kid arms at his dad. Sometimes, he was so exhausted, he would take a break, arms hanging by his sides, deep breathing, shoulders rising and falling, rising and falling. Then, as his opponent came at him, Andy started swinging once more...and he kept swinging, punching, giving it his all.

"Marriage is like that" Jim said, "things will come up and attack your marriage, but keep swinging, keep hitting those challenges that come to you, keep going." Then he added, "Marriage is not about swinging at each other, but tackling those challenges together, as a team."

Ten years, and I still remember those words: keep swinging, not at each other, but at whatever comes your way.

It has not always been bliss. We have indeed dealt some punches at each other (never literally, of course). But we have hurt each other, we have been unkind, we have felt disappointed, we have been angry...but then we take a break, arms hanging by our sides, deep breathing, shoulders rising and falling, rising and falling. A break that reminds us we are a team, and we can face the challenges together. So we gather around, as a team, and we keep swinging, hard. Not at each other, but at the "opponents" that come our way.

We were so young when we got married. I mean look at us, we were kids! We now say we have grown up together, and that is a true statement. We didn't know who we were or who we would become, but we were committed to each other, and we knew no matter what came our way, we were going to keep swinging.

And love has grown and bonded us even more as we have done life together, as we keep swinging.

Life has not always been easy, but it's been good!

And I love, admire, and respect this man more than ever. He is my number one. I am one lucky girl to have him.

So we took some time without the kids, and we celebrated! I don;t share very many pictures of us, but today is special, and marriage is to be celebrated and honored. So here we are, crazy in love after 10 years and committed to keep swinging.

Us, 10 years after "I do"

For lunch, we went to the Melting Pot for the first time. We love fun-do! It really was a neat experience, and for those wondering, the best part really is the chocolate fondue! Just waiting for a version that includes Nutella...for real! 

A fun detail: We sat at a small little booth that had a black curtain, so we could close it and we were "away" from the rest of the restaurant. I loved the intimate feeling!

 Later in the evening, we went to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. Andy and I worked there when we were in college. We also happened to watch a play there the day Andy proposed, so we have lots of memories in that place, not to mention the free dates we got from working there. Going back was quite meaningful, and we love musicals!

 Bye-Bye Birdie! It was fun, and we were that close to the stage. Actually, we were so close we even got to help a little during the performance by hollering when one of the actors prompted us. It was fun!

I don't know you, and I don't know what challenges have come your way that have opposed your marriage. Today, I want to encourage you, keep swinging! Not at each other, but at whatever comes your way. Swing hard, give it your all, it is worth it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Time Never Stops

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Too quickly you are shedding the words “little.” Loosing baby teeth, growing taller, sitting at the piano with great concentration.

If time stopped I would hold you tight and breath you in, memorizing every feature of your face, exactly like it is now.

If time stopped, our daily talks at night would never have to end. I want to hear all about your friends, school, your favorite games, your hopes, dreams, and the things that make you feel nervous or embarrassed.

If time stopped, I would tell you that my life is richer because of you.

Yet time never stops. The clock keeps ticking, and days, months, years go by.

I wish time stopped so I could hold on to you a little bit longer, but how often do I miss the special moments because I am too busy? The truth is, if time stopped I would not live any differently. Instead, I need to recognize that time flows, like water, and I need to catch each drop.

I need to make eye contact and fully engage when you talk to me. Now.

I need to close the screens that compete with you for my attention. Now.

I need to build you up with my words and tell you how you bless my life each day. Now.

I need to ask you questions and help you explore your dreams, hopes, and fears. Now.

I need to hold you,  look at you. Now.

I need to be present. Present in every moment of your life, because time never stops.

This post is part of the writing prompt: Join us! (<---link)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Self Promotion Post

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As I continue to pursue writing (specifically, writing books) it means I need to reach out and promote...myself.

So, I am cutting straight to the chase.

I am working on a  book proposal about the real emotions of international adoption. Exciting! Yet now a days, proposals include numbers and such. Like for example: How many people follow you on twitter? Do you have a Facebook page? How many visits does your website get per day? How many email subscribers do you have?

It is pretty overwhelming, and I don;t expect to wow the agent or a publisher with my big numbers.

Nonetheless, I still wan to let you know that I am around all those social media sites.

First, I have a writer blog and you can visit it HERE. I don't share many personal stories, but I post 2-3 times a week. My posts deal with parenting, adoption, special needs, and faith.

I also host a wiring prompt linky, and would love for you to join us if you have a blog and need some ideas, or simply would enjoy writing with other people. This has nothing t do with self promotion, I would simply like to write with you!

If you are on twitter, you can find me HERE.

And lastly, I have a Facebook page. I share photos, funnies, links to articles I have enjoyed on topics about parenting, special needs, adoption and faith, sometimes I sadly announce I ran out of Nutella, and sometimes I share some great resources on the topics mentioned before.

It would be great if you would "like" my page. You can find it HERE.

So that's it. Self-promotion is over. I would appreciate your support and if you are building your platform, let me know so I can help you too!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Christmas Revisited - Photo Dump Style

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So...I finally downloaded pictures to my computer. Among the many smiling faces, I found the Christmas pictures I should have shared last December. However, it is never too late for sharing pictures, right?

I love these pictures of Nina. She is the perfect little elf! Her Christmas program this year was so different than last year. She was confident, full of life, and I was crying thinking how blessed I am to be her mom. Love this girl to pieces, she has come such a long way!

Take notice, this girl is standing on her own!

Is she the cutest little Elf or what!

Adoption is beautiful friends, absolutely beautiful! So hard, but so worth it!

Ellie the reindeer poses with her daddy.

Then she posses with the mommy showing off her craft.

 Family shot we got! Do you see the family resemblance?

And just the 5 of us, again, best we got!

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Exciting Things Happening

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This is one of those boring posts where I "update" you and share some exciting things happening.

First, I wrote about what it would be like to walk in my daughter's shoes (she has cerebral palsy and was adopted three years ago). Tomorrow, Thursday, that post will be featured in Mamapedia. Exciting!

Second, also happening tomorrow, I will be doing a radio show for Hope's Not a Crime. I will be sharing about my journey of faith as I became the mother of a child with special needs, and how God changed my heart and led us to adopt another kid with a disability. Exciting! And, I would love for you to tune in and listen!

Click here to listen to the radio show! Thursday February 7th at 9:00 pm central time.

Hope you get a chance to tune in, would love to have you there!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Where is the Walker? {and a CP Connection}

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Nina has been a part of the Preemie Growth Project since last October. For 4 months, she has been taking extra minerals every day. While it is easy to miss the changes taking place, I am reminded of her increase in strength and stamina since she has not used a walker at school since last Thursday at school.

Today, as I quickly talked to her teacher, we agreed that the only reason she needs a walker is in the morning, as the hallways are crowded and it is more of a safety issue. Other than that, Nina is completely on her own.

When she began Kindergarten, a year and half ago, she came to school in her wheelchair. Just 18 months later and she is walking all over her school.

Simply amazing!

Time for a CP Connection! Link up if you blog about cerebral palsy! Jut make sure to link your post back here so we are all one big happy CP connection



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