Monday, May 28, 2012

Smart and Beautiful

My mother always told me it was better to be smart than to be beautiful. “If you are smart, eventually you will be able to afford to be beautiful,” she said. A successful career could result in enough money to buy the right clothes, get the perfect haircut and any plastic surgery I want. According to this wisdom, all I needed were the brains, and someday, I would be a dashingly beautiful lawyer.

I was an only child until I was six years old. My mother and I walked the streets of Mexico City visiting every museum and historical place. She worked at a TV station and I would come along and watch the magic of filming TV shows, along with the horror of Big Bird taking his head off to reveal a sweaty, ugly, scrubby man. But all the same, I was learning.

I was reading classics at an early age: Jane Eyre, Little Women, and my favorite, Mark Twain. Bilingual at an early age, my mother began to feed me those classics in English as well, although Mark Twain was never a book I willingly picked up to read in English.


My article, Smart and Beautiful was published today at the Memoir Project, CLICK HERE to keep reading and leave me a message!

And mom, thanks for being strong for me. You are my hero.

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