Sunday, May 20, 2012


On Friday, we had some friends from St. Louis stop by and spend the night with us. We met because of our girls and their diagnosis of Down syndrome. The extra chromosome has brought along beautiful friendships!

Nichole loves her sister Ellie, whatever Ellie does, so does Nichole. She likes her sister, she plays with her sister. At school though, she does not really play with many of the other kids, but when Nichole saw Braska, she decided Braska was so cool she would copy her too. Nichole was a hoot. Everything Braska did, Nichole would do too. Braska's speech is incredible, I don't really know any other kid with Down syndrome that talks as well as Braska. The sweet thing is that Nichole was repeating every word Braska said, maybe not clearly, but she was trying hard! Did Nichole recognize that Braska has Down syndrome too? I don't know.

Here is a little video of Braska being a cheerleader and Nichole is being a copycat. Pay close attention to Braska's facial expressions and mannerisms, because you will see Nichole doing whatever Braska does. Besides you also get to see 2 adorable little girls!


  1. They are SO CUTE! :)

  2. Cute video... I didn't realize you were taping. :o) We had alot of fun. I'm sitting in a hotel in Madison, the girls are asleep on the floor on their little "beds" (folded comforters) that they like, and M's at a friend's house. Besides this quiet moment, hanging out with you guys ranks right up there in the highlights of the weekend!

    1. We loved having you guys visit, maybe you should make it a family tradition :)

  3. They are so cute!

    I know what you mean when your child with special needs finally makes a friend. It is hard for them and passing that milestone is a joyous occasion.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Thank you for coming back to say hi. I do hope you find the links for the blog hops helpful :)


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