Cerebral Palsy

Our daughter, Nina, has Cerebral Palsy. Her type of Cerebral Palsy is called Spastic Diplegia. It means that her legs are mainly affected by Cerebral palsy, although her arms and hands are too. While she has full use of her arms and hands, some tasks are a little harder for her.

In April of 2011, Nina had a "Selective Dorzal Rhizotomy" surgery (SDR) at Mayo Clinic. Since then, we have seen great progress in Nina's gait and mobility. Not only that, her fine motor skills, attention, and cognition seem to have imporved as well.

To read more about Nina's rhizotomy; where she was before, what the process was like, and where she is now, you can follow this label: rhizotomy

To read more about how Cerebral Palsy has affected Nina, you can follow this label: cerebral palsy

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