Tuesday, September 23, 2008

October is...National Down syndrome Awareness Month

14 What are your thoughts?
And you can help me!

What can you do? Well, this is what I would like you to do...

I would like you to actually add a comment. Now, I am well aware that maybe NOBODY ever reads our blog, but I like to think at least there are a few.

What should I comment about?

I would like you to ask anything you want about Down syndrome.
What is it?
Is it contagious?
What causes it?
What is life like...
What has been...
Did you think...
I have wondered if...
Would you ever...
Does Nichole...
I feel like...

You get the idea.

Now, please, please, please know that there are no stupid questions or comments, because chances are, if you are thinking that, someone else might too. It is Down syndrome awareness month, so what a better time to ask or share something about these wonderful works of art (aka, people with Down syndrome)

If there is something posted that has already been asked that you were wondering too, or something that has already been shared. Please ask again, and share again, that way I have a better idea of what people are really thinking (and I will know who reads our blog hehehe.)

God has entrusted us with Nichole's life, and I want to share with everyone the blessing that she is. I am aware that there are many misconceptions out there (I use to have many of those) and I love being able to share with others the truths that we have discovered as we travel down this road.

Thanks for your comments, and keep 'em coming!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ellie's 3rd Birthday

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I will slowly but surely catch up with all that has happened in the last few months.
Ellie's Birthday.
We celebrated on the actual day by going to the grocery store to get donuts, Ellie's choice for breakfast. That weekend, my mom and sister came for her birthday party, and so did the Frys. Ellie was so excited to see her grandma Chachi, Lucha, and cousin Mikayla.
There are lots of pictures! Hope you enjoy them :)Once Ellie saw the decorated cookie, she chose it instead of a donut. But what did she eat? Only the frosting!

Ellie and Mikayla play so well. Most of the time at home they were princesses. It was so cute.

Ellie's party was at the park. she wanted to wear her princess dress. The only way to convince her not to weear it, was if she could wear her butterfly wings. No problem!

We had a piƱata. Kids loved it.

Isabelle is so cute, and so sweet.

Ellie and Mikayla sat on their own to eat their candy.

This is about as decorated as it got. I love how my friend Kristin is hiding behind the balloons.

At home we opened presents. Ellie of course was so excited.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Preschooler!

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First day of preschool.

That is right. We have a big preschooler!
Ellie has done so well. I had a parent/teacher conference and both teachers said that even though Ellie is the second youngest, she is doing awesome. They mentioned she is learning all her friends names, she loves to play pretend, and participates intently and enthusiastically in all activities. They also mentioned she is great at listening and following rules, and...making sure everybody else does too. I guess she likes to remind her friends what they are supposed to be doing :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our beautiful princesses

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Finally I am able to post some pictures from this last summer. Our girls continue to grow and they are as beautiful as can be :)

Nichole is getting so close to crawling! She can get on all fours (occasionally) but mostly she does this backward crawl. So instead of going forward, she goes backwards and sometimes she gets so frustarted. I don't blame her, so eventually she resorts to her rolling and rolling until she gets to where she wants to.

Isn't she deliciously chubby?

Ellie is so much fun. We truly delight in her. She has an amazing imagination and she plays pretend all day long. She can be a princess or a butterfly.

Ellie at three years old still sucks on her fingers, and Nichole makes funny faces :)



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