About Me

I am a wife, married to a man I respect and admire. We met in college and were married in February of our senior year. We were young and in love. If we could go back in time, we would do it all over again.  Marriage is hard work but it has been good, really good. I am in love with this man, absolutely crazy about him. He is a pastor, which many times makes me a “pastor’s wife” but thankfully, some people get to know me, Ellen.

I am a mom to 3 girls. They are as different as can be! My oldest child, Ellie, is the child I always wanted. Then, when my second daughter was born, I became the mother of a baby I never wanted and the mother I did not want to be. The mother of a child with special needs. My baby, Nichole, was born with Down syndrome. She transformed me. Turns out she is the daughter I always wanted, I just didn't know it! A year and a half ago, my third daughter, Nina, joined our family through international adoption. She became the middle child, being younger than Ellie but older than Nichole. Nina has Cerebral Palsy. In this road of special needs, I now experience the mysteries of life and love. God uses all 3 of my girls to show me the depths of His love. 

I am a writer. I do some contracting work writing and editing, but what I love most is to work on my own articles and sending in the queries. Yes, I still jump in excitement every time I get an article published. I would love for you to visit my writer's website!


I am also a speaker, I have a passion to share with others about finding beauty in brokenness. Click here to learn more about the different sessions I present when I am invited to speak.

Mainly, this blog is my where I share our every day life. So sit down, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy!




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