Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nina's Celebration

I am finally getting around posting some pictures of Nina's birthday party from last Saturday. I know the grandma's appreciate this kind of posts!

We had a pinata, after all, I need to have my Mexican culture well represented at the birthday parties! Pinatas are a staple in our birthday parties, so if you ever come, you know there will be a pinata! Word to the wise, Walmart pinatas are flimsy and even with little kids hitting it did not last and not every kid got a chance. Next time we will make sure Andy makes it difficult for the kids to get it!

I had to stand behind Nina to help her with the balance. I avoided being smacked, but it was close!

Some mom's make beautiful cakes that make for beautiful center pieces. I will be honest, with pinterest and facebook it seems as if cake making has become a competition or a sport. I wish I had the time to make a fancy cake, and I wish I knew how to make one...oh who am I kidding! I like fast and simple and Nina liked it just as much! But I will admit right now I was a little "shy" about showing you my cake. Yes, social media and the "bragging" that comes with it makes me feel the opposite of domestic. But that is my own soapbox (and I might just blog about that later) and this post is about Nina and her birthday party, so let's move on!
Then we opened presents and she loved them all! I was just talking to a friend about how our girls' love language seems to be presents. They are both from an orphanage and it makes sense how these gifts, given specifically for them mean so much.
 And you have to have the silly picture of all the kids!
 And then the one where they all try to smile nice "for the blog post."
Nina's teacher stopped by to wish her a happy birthday. Nina adores her and so do I! What a blessing she has been to Nina and therefore to our family. If you ask Nina what the best part of her day was she will soon tell you it was having her teacher stop by. She will then add the saddest part was when she left.

So this was our little celebration. It really was the first time we were not planning a little something surrounding a surgery!

What are the "staples" at your kids' birthday parties? What do you do to celebrate?


  1. Great photos! Looks like a really great time. Those curly candles on the cake are cool! Where'd you get those?

  2. What a precious day for your little lady! :)
    (And your cake looks great to me!)

  3. What a fun birthday party!!! I love your cake! Please don't feel shy about posting the things you do. It's fun to see how you celebrated...and it encourages me. I love the simple things in life. :) Mrs Y

  4. To me, it seems like Nina had a very nice birthday! And that's what matter!

    I shall be perfectly honest and say that I think that a cake should look like a cake :-) It's supposed to be eaten and it should look like it. I always get a strange feeling when seeing these cakes that look like anything but a cake; like a box of toys or a flowerpot complete with soil....pretty, but weird to eat. My cakes are always plain, whipped cream and berries on top and a delicious inside :-) and I totally refuse to change them. I think your cake for Nina looked nice!

    Other than the cake, what we always do for birthdays is sing Happy Birthday (though in Swedish...), hide the birthday gifts in a big basket (family tradition, can't remember how it started!), and eat out for dinner (always falafel!). Nothing fancy - I guess we are rather ordinary.

    As for the childrens' parties for their friends I try to keep them as low-key as possible too. They are always very different though.

  5. Oh wow... it looks like she had such a FUN time! It looks like the cakes my grandma makes! I won't say me.. because I usually purchase one... yours looks professional compared to what mine would look like. LOVE those candles!

    So awesome!

  6. sounds like a fun b day happy b day nina

  7. Your party looked like such fun!! We always try to do a big backyard celebration as well, with games, a bbq, etc... no point in having aback yard if you don't take advantage of it! And next year? I'm totally thinking pinata.
    Stopping by from the Spring Fling!

  8. What a great celebration! I love that you made a cake. I especially love that Nina's teacher came by. What a thoughtful thing to do!

    Our guys are only 2 so we have not had too many birthday traditions yet. I am excited to get some started. Our other little guy is turning 1 on June 3rd so we are doing an outside BBQ, etc.


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