Friday, June 1, 2012

I See You

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I see you at the park, at the grocery store, or at school. I can tell that you are tired, and I can tell that you feel alone. Sometimes, I can almost feel what you are feeling. Maybe because at times I have felt it too.

Having a child with special needs can be so difficult, and sometimes it is easy to believe that nobody will ever understand, that nobody will ever get what it is like to be in your shoes.

Today, I want to tell you that I see you, and you are not alone.

When the days are hard, when it feels like your child will never reach a new milestone, I am here for you. Other moms of kids with special needs are here for you. We understand each other, we get it, and sometimes, we do life together because it is in that community that we can laugh and understand even the unspoken words.

I see you, and my heart goes out for you. But I want you to know I see so much more too.

I see the beautiful friendships that will develop because of your child. I see the milestones that will come someday, no matter how long it takes, but when they do come I see the celebration, the joy, and the pride. I see the overwhelming and fierce love you have for your child.

I see you, the mom, the woman. Someone who rises above the others and challenges the world all for her child. I see you, and you are beautiful.



  1. I see that I was meant to read THIS post today! of all the 5 Minte posts that could have been just ebfore mine, yours was... And, I am right there with you. You are beauitufl and these word were, too. Thank you.

    You mgiht enjoy a post I wrote for a blog that I sometimes contribute to

    My own blog is

    1. Thanks for your words. I will definitely stop by your blog and read your guest post too.

  2. Ellen, I love this piece. Thank you for sharing your compassion with us. If I could include an additional post in my book, "Your Creed of Care: How to Dig for Treasure in People (Without Getting Buried Alive)", this would be it! ;)

    1. Thank you Caroline! Maybe for your next book ;)

  3. Love this! I started a very similar blog post last night. I love reading your thoughts- just hardly ever take the time to comment. Today I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your writing!

  4. Thanks for this today - been a rough few weeks of lots of company, events, and no caregivers but me.


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