Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

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Today Ellie and I went with our MOPS group to a "Pumpkin Patch," kind of place. There was a slide, and a kids hay maze, and a buggy ride? Ellie had a lot of fun! She did awesome walking on rocks and hay, she didn't even fall once!
Ellie is fearless, she loved going down the big kids slide all on her own! She would laugh and giggle the whole way down!
She also liked climbing on the hay. The Pumpkins came in handy to helped her get up.
"Mommy, I think this one is my favorite"
Still climbing!
We had so much fun! Ellie got to bring home a tiny little pumpkin.

Friday, October 6, 2006

Ellie's First Birthday

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Ellie's 1st Birthday was a lot of fun. We had a party for her and we invited her friends that are around the same age. We discovered that Ellie does not necessarily like to be around a lot of people, or at least she does not like to feel "crowded." There were a few times when we realized that Ellie was not around, and we would find her in a room by herself playing alone.
I decided to make cupcakes instead of a cake. I suppose it is called a "pull-apart" cake. Maybe next year she will be able to tell me what "theme" she wants for her cake and invitations.
"Mmm, this flower sure looks delicious mom"!
I did have to blow the candle for her.
This was Ellie's idea of enjoying her cupcake! We put it in front of her thinking she would "dig-in," and instead she looked at me and very clearly (in a baby kind of way of course) let me know that she had no intentions of getting dirty. At least she really enjoyed the cupcake!Ellie wore a dress that her daddy bought for her when he was in Mexico for a missions trip. She lloked so cute!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

April 2006 Pictures

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It is amazing how life changes with a baby.
Ellie has grown so much and is able to do new things every day.
She can sit crawl! Well, kind of, she takes a step and sits up waiting for us to clap, then she gets back on her fours, takes a step, sits down and claps, then again gets down on four takes a step, sits up and claps. Well, you get the pictures, it takes a long time for her to move from spot A to spot B. But she can move around now!

On Andy's birthday Ellie looked so cute that I put a bow on her and she was one of daddy's presents. As a matter of fact, she was daddy's favorite present.
Ellie is such a happy baby, and she loves the water! Baths, showers...even the swiming pool! It will be a fun summer to go swimming with her (will she still need baths then?). Just kidding, she will most definitely take baths after swimming in a public swimming pool. I suffer from First-Time-Mom-Syndrome.

She is a happy little one, and she likes to scrunch her nose.

Have I mentiones how much I love Ellie? We took her on a youth trip to Crown on April 7th (Andy's birthday). She did well, even though she had a hard time sleeping at night with all the noise.

It is so cute how Ellie scunches up her nose, we love it! She does it when she is happy and when she sees other people doing it too.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ellie's First Christmas

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I know this is the middle of March, but here are some Christmas pictures. Maybe someday I will get better at posting on time so we ca share with our friends and family how Ellie continues to grow.
We had a wonderful christmas with our families. The Stumbo Christmas Celebration was all about the cousins (Mikayla, Alyssa, and Ellie). How fun it will be as our family continues to grow. As for my family, Ellie is the center of attention, not surprising.

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Ellie is Five Months Old

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Here are some more pictures

Our litle princess

Ellie was dedicated on January 1st

Friday, March 3, 2006

Ellie is 6 months old

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Ellie's 6 months
Isn't she the cutest! Ellie is determined to sit up straight on her chair, she will not lean back!
No esta preciosa! Ellie esta determinada a sentarse derechita, no se recuesta por nada!

Since we have been asked to add a picture of us, here it is! It is a picture of our 3rd anniversary!
Como nos han pedido que incluyamos una foto de nosotros, aqui esta! Es una foto de nuestro 3er aniversario!
Ellieloves food! This was the first time she tried cereal, or any food at all.
A Ellie le encanta la comida! Esta fue la primera vez que probo cereal.
Is this a new toy? Ellie discovered her feet, and she loves them!
Es este un juguete nuevo? Ellie descubrio sus pies y le encantan!
Ellie takes a nap.
Ellie toma una siesta



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