Friday, May 25, 2012

Messages from Moms

I am doing a 2 part guest blog over at Diving for Pearls. I met Katie through my friend Jolene Philo who directed me to Katie's incredible ministry helping churches reach out to children with special needs. If you are not familiar with Key Ministry: a church for every child, I suggest you check them out. The Children's Ministry Consultant from our church denomination recently attended one of their trainings and she said the time was incredible valuable and she feel better equipped as a  ministry consultant.

Here is a snippet:

Three little bright-eyed girls hold my mother’s heart. They are gifts, treasured and precious lives entrusted to me. They love their bows and dresses, pinks and purples, dolls and castles. They play together, giggle, and hug. Yet, each of them is unique. If you were to come to my house, you would discover just how different they are from each other. Somehow, they fit together so well; they are perfect for each other; they are sisters.

Ellie is my almost-seven year old. She is my drama queen and creativeness pours out of her easily. She is advanced for her age at school, and next year she will most likely be joining that talented and gifted program.  Then there is Nina, my other six year old. She joined our family through international adoption before she turned 4 years old. At the time, her development was that of an infant, but with the love and support of a family she is now an average Kindergartner and we are astonished at how much she has accomplished in life. Due to her background, Nina struggles with some mental health issues, some we hope she will overcome as she continues to grow, and some that will be a part of her life. Nina also has Cerebral Palsy and she faces the challenges that come from her disability. And there is my rascal, Nichole. She is four years old and she has Down syndrome. She is the reason we chose to adopt Nina. She changed our hearts forever, teaching us about what really matters in life and re-establishing our priorities. 

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If you missed it, I also wrote an article for and you can read that article HERE.

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