Friday, May 25, 2012

Opportunities Lost

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Theme: Opportunity
I wonder how often opportunities come my way and I simply let them pass by because I am too busy, or too stressed, or too concerned with me.

Opportunities to reach out to someone that is need. Sometimes a smile is all I need to offer, or a listening ear, or companionship, just being there. 

Opportunities to make memories with my children. Like getting down on the floor to play, getting them dancing, or telling them stories (instead I am too busy, especially if there is a computer around).

Opportunities to connect with my husband. Taking time to really ask him questions, to listen to what is going on in his heart. Instead, I can treat him like a roommate.

Opportunities to do the things I enjoy. Like going o a Zumba class, or go out for a bike ride, or really make time to write.

Opportunities to be a light to a world that is dark and where pain and hurt are common. I can wallow in my own struggles and not look past me.

What about you, do you miss any opportunities?


  1. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Ellen: So nice to find you my fellow Beauty Hunter! I've added your blog to my favorites. Beth

    1. Thank you! Life indeed is richer when we are aware of the beauty that surrounds it. :)


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