Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two Years Ago. Why We Adopted.

Two years ago, Andy and I got on a plane to fly across the world to Ukraine. In an orphanage, a little girl lived without knowing that a mommy and daddy were on their way. She did not know that she was loved by 2 strangers that would soon become her parents.

At the airport, Andy and I hugged my mom tight, all 3 of us fighting back tears. We knew our girls would be in good hands with my mom, sisters, and Andy's cousin. Yet, Andy would be gone from them for 3 weeks, and I would be gone for 7 weeks. We were sacrificing so much. It was so difficult. Yet, we knew it was worth it.

We had a daughter half way across the world, and we would not rest until we brought her home.

The process had already been a roller-coaster of emotions. We knew it was about to get even more intense. But we were not alone. The Lord, our Mighty God was coming with us. He was waiting with Nina, He had held her in His arms all along.

It is Adoption Awareness Month, so this are the top 10 reasons why we adopted.

1. Because God called us to adopt. 
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.  James 1:27
Not all people are called to go, but we were.

2.Because we could offer a Hope and a Future
We have been given hope and a future through Christ, and we can do the same for an orphan. We knew we could not save them all, but we could save one. And for that one, it would make all the difference in the world.

3. Because when kids with special needs in eastern Europe turn 4-5, they are transferred to mental institutions.
I have shared with you before what happens to children in these mental institutions. They are tied down to cribs, denied medical attention, and fed and diapered only once a day...if they are lucky. I know not all mental institutions are this way, but many are. Kids with special needs in many places around the world are seen as a waste. Their lives have no value, no meaning. It breaks my heart.

4. Because Nichole expanded our world.
Nichole's diagnosis of Down syndrome changed our lives. If it was not for her, I am not sure we would have felt called to adopt, and more specific, to adopt another kid with special needs. It was through Nichole that we learned about orphans with special needs around the world. It was Nichole that taught us the value of all life, and the incredible potential that all children with special needs have.

5. Because we were ready to have another child.
We were a happy family of 4, yet God gave us the desire for more kids. There are many orphans in need of a home, so we did what we could, we opened our hearts and home to one.

6. Because we did not have the money.
You read that right. We did not have the money. My husband is a pastor, I stay at home. But this is the thing, where God leads, He provides. And He did provide...abundantly! It was humbling and incredible to witness God move on our behalf.

7. Because this is God's child.
These children are God's own children. Forgotten by the world, like they did not exist. But God remembers them. He urged us to go rescue one of His beloved princesses, so we did. We rescued His child, we made her our own.

8. Because there is an orphan-no-more.
A once-orphan girl, is an orphan no more. And I hope that thought makes you smile.

9. Because experiencing the world through the eyes of an adopted child changes you.
You begin to see the wonder of life, as well as the injustice and sadness that oppress our world. You want to offer the world, and make every moment count.

10. Because it is worth it!
It is worth all the tears, the heartache, the waiting, and the lessons learned along the journey. God's heart is for adoption, to see us love His own children, any way we can. And it is worth it. Absolutely, completely, and mind blowing worth it!

Top Ten {Tuesday}


  1. This was beautiful, and it really touched my heart. Your little one is just perfectly beautiful. What a treasure!
    (Stopping by from Oh Amanda's)

  2. Wonderful post! Nina is blessed to have you and Andy as parents, as are you to have her. She's a spunky little princess with a warm smile!

  3. Anonymous11:19 AM

    It would be great to write a follow up to this, the "why", and hear from you what you "got" out of the deal. So many people think that it's something that we adoptive parents are giving a child , when we are actually getting some pretty huge benefits from the deal, both as families, individuals, and churches that are enriched through adoption.


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