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Responding to Your Comments #2

Blog post: When Cute Makes a Difference

Go to the Walk Easy Website. They're what I've used most recently. The PT who told me about Walk Easy said if insurance won't cover it then you can do a tax right off, since you have a prescription.
Thank you Sarah! This is great to know and to pass along!
I will take a moment and encourage you all to visit Sarah's blog. Sarah is a young woman with CP, and I am really looking forward to having her join the CP connection.

Blog post: This Man

Happy Anniversary!
I had to read back and I can see why some of you thought it was my anniversary. Sorry about that, it is not our anniversary yet! Still a few months away. I just wanted to take a moment and thank my husband for being the stud he is!

I do hope that someday I can at least have the opportunity to hear Andy preach. :)
When I figure out how to link to his sermons, I will do that!

Reading the story of your struggle with Nichol's birth, I noticed that Andy never judged you; never tried to "Fix" you. That was the true test of a wonderful husband. He is truly a Godly example to all who know him.
 Yes, you are right, he never tried to "fix" me. He allowed me to take the time I needed and he listened to me. I love how well he listens and how willing he is to get in the "hole" with me.

So often we hear so much more about how bad marriage is, how it's impossible, how you may as well count on it not lasting. It is so refreshing to read about women who are in loving relationships. No, it isn't always easy, but it is definitely worth it!
And what a legacy you are leaving for your daughters, showing them how a husband and wife love one another!
It is worth it! My parents are divorced, and while they were wonderful parents, I was not able to learn from their relationship. Their divorce affected me, even as an adult.  It is my heart's desire that my girls know that their mommy and daddy love each other. They find their security in us, and we work hard at being connected and in the same team.

For the rest of you that left your thoughts on this post, thank you! And yes, I encourage you to thank your husband for what he does. You can write a blog post, you can write him a letter, leave a sticky note where you know he will find it, or send him an e-mail. Let him know you appreciate him.

Blog post: Cerebral Palsy Connection

In an effort to connect with other CP bloggers, I will be hosting a "blog hop" Thank you for all of you who will be participating! I am really looking forward to this!

Stumbo Family Story

Blog post: Much to be Thankful For

I came across your blog as IDSC for life posted some of your links on facebook.
We have two adopted girlies, our youngest (two weeks old today) has Down syndrome.
 I love the work that the IDSC does! I am their hispanic outreach coordinator. I really need to do a better job at that job and get some more information here on this blog!
And congratulations on your baby! I love babies with Down syndrome and I am not biased at all! 

I'm thinking you should get Nichole in the modeling business.
 Well thank you! I think she is beautiful too! There are times I find myself gazing at her blown away by her beauty. She gets to me.

What a blessing for two orphans to have a connection between their old world and their new world. That will be so valuable to them as they grows and seek to develop their self-identity. Blessings!
Yes it will. They remember being together at the orphanage and you are right, they will have each other. They have similar backgrounds, as if we do not know anything about their biological parents. While we won't be able to bridge that, they will look at each other as their "family." And I will add that Oksana's family, all of them, have become dear friends. The type of friends you have for a life-time. So these 2 little orphan girls, have given us a precious gift by bringing our families together.


  1. Do you speak Spanish with your daughters? Just curious :-) I'm kind of interested in bilingualism and even studied some while at university.

  2. I really want to be a part of your CP connection. I have enjoyed watching your journey with Nina and would love to have a connection with other moms as well. My daughter is 5 and she is our little angel!!! She brings so much joy and happiness to our lives. She tries so hard to do things that come so easy to everyone else....but she always has a smile on her face.
    Thanks for putting this together. What do I need to do to make sure I can be a part of this???


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