Saturday, November 12, 2011

Playing With Blog

The girls have been sick, so we have had lots of time for "sitting." On the meantime, I keep playing around with the blog. I am trying to figure out how to use Gimp, or what are good pictures that represent what this blog is about.

What do you use for your blog?

Do you know of anyone that does blog templates (and is affordable?)

It has been fun, but I have yet to find something that I love. Any suggestions are welcome!


  1. I thought what you had up last, the second pict up now, the light comeing through the trees was very nice and showed what your blog was about.

    RK does a great job and does whatever you want.

  2. me! i use photoshop :)

  3. I've loved every layout/design you've used for your blog thus far, Ellen, but this one is especially beautiful! I always love photo displays.

    I currently have any photo(s) on my blog header, just a pre-set design, because I have a Photobucket slideshow on the right-hand side of my blog with my photos.

  4. I like what you have now, the picture of Andy & Nina, Nichole and then you & Ellie. Very nice!


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