Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall Is Still Here!

Last Saturday, for the first time, we got to go outside and play in a pile of leaves.And I mean, for the first time...ever!For some reason, our trees seem to loose their leaves last, and usually it has been too cold. The other reason, is that we rake the leaves in the curb so they can be picked up. Okay, there is no "we." Andy rakes the leaves. Last year, he did take Ellie out to play for a while.

We wanted to get the leaves on the curb this year too, but you know, we are so well organized that...we missed the pick-up date. On Saturday, Andy raked all the leaves and piled them up in our yard. And let me tell you, there were a lot of leaves! A monster pile! And it was also a beautiful day. 

The girls, and the parents, had a marvelous time!

 Can you see our faces?
 Nichole has some sensory issues, so she did not "dive in" like the other 2 girls. But she still had a blast! Her main concern, however, was that leaves kept getting in her pants!

Here is a little video, showing you some moments form our day. Watch out, because in one of the videos Nina fell over in her walker, and it was just so funny how it happened. Don't worry, she did not get hurt. The end of the video, you might be tempted to stop watching because Nichole took the camera and she is not very good with her aim. But make sure you listen to her! Her voice is the sweetest! You will hear her repeating some things after me, and her own "Nichole talk." which we hear all the time.

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  1. Beautiful pictures - and great video! Watching the girls have so much fun made me smile, and hearing their giggles filled me with joy. I did love hearing Nichole's adorable little voice, too!

  2. Woa that's a lot of leaves : )

  3. Nina, you look just like Oksana in those pictures!


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