Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Discoveries from Today

Discovery 1:

My attempts at making authentic Mexican food need some help! Fortunately, I am the only one who actually knows what anything is supposed to taste like. Still, I think Andy must know something is off. My attempt at Chiles Rellenos ended up with Poblano Peppers that were just not cooked but still hard. I need to ask my mom how to make them the right way!

Discovery 2:

Never Ending Story is NOT an appropriate movie for 4 and almost 4 year olds! No matter how sweetly you call the Rock Eater "So cute!" He is not cute, he is scary! So that was that for watching the movie. It was my favorite movie growing up. I did watch it when I was 4 until I was maybe 10 or so. I could quite the entire movie. Today, I got to watch the first 5 minutes in English for the first time. And after years, I could still quote parts of the movie. But in case you are wondering, it is a very scary movie!

Discovery 3:

Nina told me today that sometimes Andy and I tie her too. What? So I asked her when we tie her, and she told us we tie her in the car seat. Light bulb! When we got home, Nina did okay at the airport, it was when we got her in the car seat that she lost it, kicking, screaming, and she seemed so scared. Within seconds she was asleep. Today I understood why! So for those of you adopting, this is something to think about and prepare the kids for! At least now I can talk to Nina and she knows that we are just getting buckled so we can be safe!

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  1. Oh my, #3 is a real eye opener, what a blessing it is though that she is able to communicate with you.


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