Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life Happens

I came to visit my family for a day. Yesterday as my sister and I were driving back to my mom's house we got in a car accident. It was one of those that happens in really slow motion and you are not quite sure of what is happening at the time.

We are both fine, the air bags did not even go out, but the front of our car is pretty messed up.

Crazy! I don't think I had ever been in an accident like this before. And it is no fun when your husband is not there! I am not the quickest when it comes to accidents, so I felt like in a daze. The officer was so gracious and I felt like in a way she was taking care of me. Well, it is the reality that God sends people to help us out and let us know things will be okay.

So now we are waiting on insurance and hopefully I can go home soon!


  1. so glad you are ok! I nearly got creamed by a semi last summer when I went home to see my fam. I had all the kids in the car. thankfully I was quick enough to pull hard to the right and keep on going so he narrowly missed us but all we got was the scare of our lives!

  2. Glad you are ok!


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