Tuesday, April 6, 2010

AFO's Make Me Cry!

When Nina first tried her AFO's on she loved them! She realized she had better balance and that it made walking maybe a little easier. The first time we put them on at home she was okay with it, but the second time around, as soon as she saw them, she started to cry!

As a matter of fact, she even cries when we stretch her now. It used to be that she would count with us as we would do a stretch, but now, she cries and cries and cries. Her legs are very tight, and this will be a process...a painful process.

So here are pictures of Nina standing as she has for the last few years of her life. You can see her that her heels are as high up as they can, and she stands on her toes (sometimes just the big toe!)

The AFO's make a huge difference, and you can imagine how much that hurts! Don't blame her poor girl. So for those of you that have a child with CP and had to go through this, any suggestions are welcome! I do think once she gets botox it will help, but for now, the poor thing is scared to wear them or be stretched, because it might mean, we will put the AFO's on!

But here she is, sitting like a "pretzel" which makes her feel so proud of herself! She was not able to do this when we first got her, as her legs did not "open up" it is pretty exciting!


  1. sophie went ballistic and cried all night for three nights when we put her AFOs on. they told us at the orphanage that she needs to weear them every time she sleeps. it was obvious she never wore them before. after three very sleepless nights she was fine with it. Ben on the other hand already wore his full time and panicked when we took them off. I had to make it a game and play stinky feet PHEEEW! before he got that it was ok to have them off sometimes. I mean gosh their little feet need to BREATHE now and then! hang in there Mama. We are going through so many similar things with Sophie and stretches. but stick with the AFOS and she will get used to them. it may take a few days of tears but once she realises you mean business it will be a no brainer for her, wear the afos, no sense in fussing wont help anyways.

  2. Wow. The difference with the AFOs is incredible! And look at her hair growing out! I'm about to be in your shoes, or AFOs as the case may be :), so I'm hanging on every word of advice you get!

  3. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Yeah for pretzel legs! GO NINA!


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