Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Car that Was

Andy came to get me and we went to get all our stuff from the car so we took a couple of pictures.

Andy said he was "underwhelmed." Maybe that is a good thing and the car will not be totaled, maybe it can be fixed. Who knows.

So here are the pics. What do you think, totaled or not?


  1. Nicole5:37 PM

    Ellen after we hit the deer our van looked alot like your car. Then Jon did his handy work on a few things so we can atleast drive it until we get enough money to get it fixed. I thought it was totaled too, but since the air bags didn't deploy it can be fixed. Maybe the same is true for your car!

  2. Don't know if I've mentioned but Larry grew up in an auto body shop and that's all he had ever done until we moved to Little Rock. He says he'd guess not totaled but it depends on the year and mileage. You'll have to let us know. Either way we're glad you're OK!

  3. What in the world! I wondered this yesterday when you said the airbags didn't go off. That is a DIRECT frontal impact, those airbags should have gone off! It doesn't matter how "slow" you were going, it matters what the force of the impact was. You need to be calling the manufacturer and finding out WHY those airbags didn't go off! Hmmm...

  4. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Actually, in response to Leah...

    I wouldn't expect the air bags to deploy in an accident like this. The air bag sensors are located in the bumper, which was minimally affected by this impact. The impact was above the level of the airbag sensors, therefore, they did not deploy. (My husband worked for a car manufacturer and he was involved in crash testing, so I happen to know about this type of thing.)

    In any event, had the airbags deployed, the repair bill would have increased by a few thousand dollars. (Indeed, airbags are expensive! That's why they're such a popular item among thieves.) Though I guess it's a moot point now, as the car is totaled. But had it been fixable, the airbags would have increased the repair bill significantly. Since nobody was hurt, it would have been a good thing that they hadn't deployed!


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