Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking forward to an IEP...yeah right!

Neither Nina nor Nichole have IEP's...yet. But I have yet to hear any parent say to me that they love IEP's. More often than not, this is what I get.
IEP. Individualized Education Plan. The joys of sending your not typical child to school.

My friend Renee (who was adopting at the same time we were!) has blogged quite a bit about IEP's lately, and I have enjoyed reading through those posts, trying to make mental notes as I know this will be us in 6 months for Nichole, and maybe even less for Nina. I do love some of the acronyms that she has shared that have been recently found around the blog world from some frustrated parents.

IEP - Incredibly Excruciating Pain!!!
IEP - I Exited Pissed-off!
IEP - Irritating Exclusion Program
IEP - Intellectuals Expelling Poop

My favorite one is "Informed and Educated Parent."

Last September I attended a conference called "Parents as Presenters." One of the presenters gave his talk intended to be shared at the beginning of an IEP meeting. I remember thinking what a powerful thing to do before everyone starts talking about your child and focusing on all they cannot do, all they will need help with, and what their limitations are.

A friend and I joked and said that anyone working with children with special needs (yes, anyone!) should first be required to parent a child with special needs for at least three months or so, preferably a year, so that they really get to know the child and fall in love. It makes a big difference. As a parent, you know who is doing their job, and who really gets it. We don't see it with IEP's, but we do see it when you get the "evaluations" for your child, or even the way someone talks about your child.

Anyway, this was meant to be more of a funny, light post, so I will leave you with this last cartoon.


  1. I have to laugh. In all our years, I've only had a couple IEP meetings that were difficult, and even then they were far easier than what I'd built up in my mind beforehand! LOL Our meetings are nothing to dread, and I look forward to hearing how Angela is doing in all areas, and the opinions of her fantastic staff.

  2. You know, we don't have any IEP's here, and I sure would like to have it. It would help me to set goals for my child, something that we could work at, and if we miss it, well then just work harder.


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