Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nina's Surgery Tomorrow

We finally have a time for surgery tomorrow. Yes, finally! For some reason this system is set up that you don't get an actual time until after 8:30 pm the night before.

Tomorrow we need to be in Mayo at 7:15 am and then we go from there. I know for sure we will be there until Friday to make sure that Nina is okay.

She is having 8 procedures done
-bronchoalveolar lavage
-ear cleaning
-adenoidectomy (just a possibility depending on what they see)

So please keep our sweet girl in your prayers. I know many of these things are routine but it is not routine for us! Thank you for your prayers!


  1. We're praying too! Evan is having a minor eye surgery tomorrow so I'm praying for Nina right along with him.

  2. LOL We call these "tune ups"! Prayers for Nina tomorrow! We'll be in the air during her surgery!

  3. My goodness, that sounds like a lot! Nina (and her family) will be in our prayers!

  4. Lots of prayers for Nina, you guys as her parents, and for all the doctors and nurses that will be doing the procedures. It's nice to know you are in good hands at Mayo, but even greater hands in God! Prayers for a speedy recovery from everything.


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