Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finally Answering Some Questions

How is Nina doing with her AFO's?

She i doing well. Still is not a big fan of them as they make her stretch in ways that are uncomfortable. And when she has been wearing them for a while, she still cries as we take them off. However, we now put them on while she is sitting on our laps, so there is no more fear or "flashback" to being tied down. She even tries to help and do it herself. We are still breaking them in, so we are not at the point of wearing them all day.

How is Nina doing with the walker?

We do not have a walker yet, so we hope to get it soon!

So how was Lent?

Well, it was hard! I do have a real addiction with the internet. Another thing I learned is that it is easy to replace one addiction with another, so I did a lot of reading, so I found myself not having as much time as I thought I would have.
What was wonderful was having no Television, and we will continue to do so. We only have 2 shows that we watch and other than that the TV is off.

Yes, we did. I just got a baby hawk and so far I really like it. Funny as it is, Ellie seems to be the one that likes it the best. In her own words, "You can give me a piggy back ride all day!"

Maybe playing "knock knock" jokes will help Nina learn turn taking when talking.

What a great idea!

A couple of other things to add.

-Nina's surgery is this Thursday, only 2 days! So tomorrow night after 8:30 I will have an actual time and will update here so people can be praying for our sweet girl.
-Nina is having a birthday party on her birthday. It will only be a cake, ice-cream, balloons, and happy birthday type of party. This will be exciting!

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  1. or using a "microphone' and having her interview you, or you interview her. She can use the mic (real or pretend) as a visual cue. If the mic is at your mouth, you speak, if the mic is at hers, she gets to talk!


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