Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do Not Like Hospital Stays!

We have not had many experiences staying at hospitals overnight. Just 2 births and all girls now at some point in life. I do not like spending nights at hospitals!

It seems like things always look "worse." And it possible...that night staff is hired to work at night for a reason? Like maybe...bedside manners are not as good?

So after a scare the doctors were having because Nina's oxygen levels were too low and they almost got her hooked on oxygen or considered ICU, the probe thing was found to not be on correctly. This has resulted in beautiful numbers so far as it is on right.

This after a doctor coming in and seeing Nina is asleep proceeding to speak loudly. Never mind we were whispering, he was not getting the hint. And I just decided I am crabby, so I should not post while crabby.

For now, please do pray for Nina, I have a feeling we are not going to go home tomorrow and Andy leaves on Monday for school for 2 weeks.


  1. Hello! Been following you guys a for quite a while- we love your girls!!!

    I'm so glad you got the O2 issues figured out BEFORE they took more drastic measures. We had a similar experience on the last day our daughter was in the NICU; all the sudden she was "needing" O2, but hadn't for three weeks prior. I'm not quite sure WHY they don't assume malfunction first, but ya know... And yeah, I do think that the night shift draws a certain... persona???... in staff-- Piper had her gallbladder removed in February and had problems with the intubation tube. The on-call pediatrician "explained" to us that the horrible strider she had was because she had Ds, and she had a floppy airway, undoubtedly, because she had Ds, and, and, and... Day shift came along and things looked better. Hopefully everything with be brighter tomorrow! I know you must have had a horribly long day- you all must be exhausted! And I'm sure you'll get a gloriously restful night's sleep tonight (insert rolling eyes here). Hope she starts getting back to her smiley self soon (and you!!!)

  2. you know my son never wanted me after his surgery's. kids seem to blame their mums, that is all we can put it down to. Will continue prayers for your sweet girl

  3. Yes! I have had my share of hospital night stays and dreaded nighttime. I had a very similar experience with my O2 dropping and than needing to be transported to the ICU the following morning. Lets just say my doctor had a pretty long talk with the nurses on duty that night. :) I'm not sure what it is about the staff working the night shift.

    I have enjoyed keeping up with your life via your blog. I am praying for your little Nina and that she makes a fast and quick recovery.

  4. Praying for your pretty little girl, and for you, this stuff is so hard on mommies!


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