Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Wasp Nest That Was

Andy took Ellie outside to play, and thought he would look inside the shed and see if it would work out to make it into a playhouse for the girls this summer. To his surprise when he opened the door he found this...
A wasp nest...the size of a head, a man's head. I mentioned to him before that I had seen "bees" going into the wood of the shed, but when we had last looked, there was no nest...maybe we did not look long enough.

I was sure I had seen "bees" and Andy was sure it was a wasp nest. After asking around and doing some research I was proven wrong. But, the good thing is that wasps abandon their nests during winter and they say they never come back to an old nest. Not sure about that, but either way we had to take the nest down, and if there were no wasps in there hibernating, maybe I could do the job since I had some time this afternoon. So I armed myself with bravery and I held on tight to the shovel handle. The nest feel no problem, it felt almost like old paper. No wasps in sight, and no wasps inside. Crazy!


  1. arent those nests amazing! the patterns on yours were incredible! we had one in the dog house and we read the same thing that they dont come back but we removed it anyways. the combs inside are incredible.

  2. We had a HUGE one in our back yard 2 years ago. It was the size of two basketballs put together, and I have NO IDEA how it stayed on the very tip of the branch it was hanging on! And yes, we waited until winter to take it down, but it was a long August knowing that thing was above our heads in the back yard.

  3. Cute story! I'm sure Grandpa Nicholson could go on and on about the difference between bees and wasps. :)


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