Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kid Carriers, Which One Should we Choose?

We have three girl. Three girls that do not always like to walk (okay, one of them cannot walk!) I have an awesome double stroller but it seems like all three of them want to ride on it at the same time. So what to do? Get a triple stroller?

But what about the times that we want to go for a hike, and the terrain does not allow for a stroller? Then what?

I have been looking at different carriers (the kind where you can carry your child on your back) but I am not sure which one is the best kind. I also need a carrier that can adjust to a 2, 3, or 4 year old. At least for now they are all between 25 and 35 pounds.

So I need help finding the right carrier for our family. I originally thought I would carry Nina the most (which I do carry her on sling, but after a while it kills my shoulder and back as the weight is not evenly distributed) and carrying Nina on my back is not a possibility quite yet because her legs just won't give and wrap around my back. So Ellie and Nichole will get to ride on my back (and Andy's!) the most.

Suggestions please!


  1. thanks for sharing ellen. i thoroughly enjoy reading your journeys with ellie, nichole and nina! how about the Ergo Carrier? i have that and it can be used in the front (kid facing you) or you can wear the kid as a back-pack. i've never tried Karina on my back but it is very good with weight distribution. if not, you can get one of those hiking baby carriers that may fit Nina or Nichole. hope you can find a good one that works out for everyone. oh... i wouldn't go with a triple stroller. i'm sure Ellie will be more than willing to be a BIG sister and walk long distances eventually.

  2. I agree with Mama Wong.I love my Ergo carrier.I have never felt uncomfortable in it and you can wear it in the front or on your back.

  3. I cant understand why the ergo would be comfortable. at least looking at the pictures the kid hangs low which drags on your back. with a mei tai you keep em high and tight so they are more like an extension of your own body. I love my freestyle mei tai. We wear Sophie in it a lot she is about 30 pounds, we have also carried Ben in it no problem (he is closer to 35 probably. there is a slight learning curve but once you get it its easy to just wrap em up and go. I used Maya Wraps for Maia and Ethan when they were small and light. they worked great too but I tried with Sophie and it was awful. With her contractures she just cant be comfy in it and it is not comfy for me. if you can find a bricks and mortar store you could take a child with you and try several out. there is also a babywearing group on yahoo that might answer your questions or help you find a bricks store.

  4. We're big wagon fans. Jace and LC got a Radio Flyer two-seater wagon and we adore it. I wonder if there are larger models out there...


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