Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Walking Continues

Today when our Physical Therapist brought out the gait trainer (walker) Nina was not very excited.

"No, no walker. No walker Nina"

"Let's try it, it will be fun!" I said

"No, no fun, no walker. No walking Nina."

But she had no choice. And so she was strapped in the walker. Jamie (our physical therapist) decided to go walk around the hospital and see how Nina did with long distances.

By the time we got back to the room and were done for the day, Nina said,

" all done. More walking. More walking Nina!"

So she is hooked! She wants to walk! She absolutely loves it!


  1. That video brought tears to my eyes. Ellen, her English! wow.

  2. Nicole Jones4:36 PM

    Way to go Nina, awesome job!

  3. That was great. She's such a little parrot! And very fast learner... awesome. I'll bet "no" is just because it's easy to say and it doesn't require any work. But once she sees how cool walking is... she'll get it. Very fun.

  4. oh my tears, she is awesome. she's doing so well you must be so proud.

  5. This is amazing to watch. I cannot get over how much she has changed. Her hair is growing and is beautiful. She has picked up an INCREDIBLE amount of English, I am just shocked! She is one very smart little girl. I can't wait to see her using her gait trainer with her new AFO's. What a difference all of these pieces put together are going to make for one young lady. Where did you go for the casting? The orthotist looks just like Angela's orthotist. I know he works at other hospitals, but I'm not sure where. She usually sees him up here as part of Gillette children's.

  6. That is just awesome!I loved watching her take off!So wonderful!

  7. look at that amazing little girl! she is doing fantastic! and listen to all her words too!! woo hooo!!


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