Thursday, March 25, 2010

I did it!

Today, for the first time, I took all three girls with me to run some errands. Yes, you read that right: for the first time, and all on my own!

No big deal you might think, but getting a 2, 3 and 4 year old to cooperate is not always easy! Ellie did a great job being a big girl on our first trip. She helped me push the stroller. Second trip we went to the store and all 3 girls rode the cart. They even managed to stay happy until we were checking out, where I had to warn them if they did not hold it together for 5 more minutes we would be out of there with empty hands and NO CHOCOLATE! We made it to the car and home without a glitch!

I do realize at times I might end up in a predicament that will not be as easily solved (unless I always have chocolate with me.) After some thinking, I have ordered a backpack carrier from babyhawk that I am sure will come in handy for the times where I just need all 3 girls strapped into either the stroller or my back!

So I did it! I have graduated to the next level. The mama with the 3 kids can do it on her own!


  1. Way to go!!! I took just Ella with me to Target yesterday and it was all I could do to keep her strapped in to the shopping cart and that was just ONE kid!! Just always have chocolate and you will be fine (shouldn't you always have chocolate anyway??)

  2. Congratulations! I think that's a major coup!!!


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