Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big oops on the last speech post!

So, I am learning right? And sometimes terms can get very confusing and jumbled up together resulting in something completely different than originally said.

We had talked briefly about apraxia (because of Nichole) and Sara mentioned a word starting with letter "d" so, in my brain I put the two together and all of a sudden Nina had verbal dyspraxia. Which is not the case.

So, here is the corrected terminology and condition, and it is called Dysarthria. If you click on the link you will see it mentions Cerebral Palsy!

This is what Sara said and it is probably a lot better explained than I can even if I try.

"Dysarthria is when the muscles show weakness which results in decreased coordination for speech! Verbal dyspraxia is when the muscles do not demonstrate weakness but the transmission system between the brain and the muscles has delays in development and children cannot produce the sounds consistently."

And I am off to edit my last post. Thanks Sara!

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