Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nina Gets her AFO's

Today we got Nina's AFO's (aka leg braces.) I had no idea what they were going to look like, if you remember, when I last posted about the AFO's, I had no idea which "kind" we were going to get. I really like these, as it allows for more movement of her leg and foot while keeping her heel "down."

Nina was still trying to walk on her toes, which is understandable as this is the only way she knows to do it! Both, the AFO guy (sorry, don;t know the official title!) and our physical therapist said it will take a little bit for Nina to get used to this.

She does like them though, even if she dislikes the feeling of them. When she first got down on the floor to stand, she was amazed at how her balanced had suddenly changed. Even though her heels do not yet come all the way down, she can no longer just stand on her toes, which means that she can balance better, she liked that! She even was trying to let go and stand on her own!

Walking also changed for her. She has to learn a new posture, as the one she has always had, does not work with your heels on the ground. It will be a process, but we are getting there and she will someday walk. How exciting for her! Once she gets botox, her braces will help her even more!

Our camera is out of batteries. I will later post pictures of Nina with and without her AFO's. You will see what a difference they make!


  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    so great! can't wait to see her up walking!

  2. Anna's orthotics only come up to her ankles...they don't go all the way up her calves. But, man! What a difference they make in her posture and stability when she is standing.
    Hope they work out well for Nina!
    BTW -- leave an extra 5 min. for putting othortics and shoes on when trying to get out of the house =)

  3. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Excellent Advice about the extra 5 minutes!!


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