Friday, March 5, 2010

A "Walk" in Progress

This is Nina just 2 days ago at Physical Therapy. The walker she will have looks just like this one except picture it in hot pink. Nina has a love/hate relationship with this walker.

Love, because she can really move in it. She can go faster than she was ever able to move before on her own, giving her an immense sense of accomplishment and joy. She is so proud of herself! And she can really go fast!

Hate, because this walker makes her posture be correct and she cannot compensate her movements. There is also this harness type thing that does not allow to scissor her legs when she walks. Basically, this walker makes her work hard!

So here are a few short videos of her as she is a "walk in progress."


  1. WOOOOOOOWWWW!!!! That is AWESOME!!! She is just going to take off in her gait trainer! And, wow, her hair has really grown too! She's changed so much already, it's just amazing.

  2. That is AMAZING! Look at how fast she goes!

  3. That is so great!! Way to go Nina!! She is so lucky to have you guys. Look at how much better her life is already. Bless You!!

  4. Oh, WOW - look at her zoom! That's amazing!

  5. Catherine7:50 PM

    How wonderful! We are praying that God will strengthen her legs and body so that she can zoom all over the place!

  6. Way to go Nina! We are so proud of you!

  7. She’s so pretty! Wow can she run! It’s wonderful to see her up and moving, knowing that without you she would never have had this experience

  8. Oh, I have always thought Nina was such a doll! She has an absolute beautiful face. I love seeeing her happy and now MOBILE! It's great.

  9. What a speed demon she is! Awesome!


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