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Responding to Your Comments #3

Blog Post: Initial Me a Gift

I will answer these on a separate blog post. If you have not left your initials, go ahead and play the game! If you cannot think of a gift with the initials I left, you can always just give me yours! You have no idea what I am talking about? Read the rules to the game!

Blog Post: What About Halloween?

Thank you all for your responses regarding Christians celebrating Halloween. Here are some of your thoughts, they speak for themselves...

My question is: What is the purpose of Halloween? Christmas used to be a pagan holiday but it has been redeemed by commemorating Jesus' birth. We can choose to emphasize the pagan side or the Christian side. Sometimes we go overboard on one side or the other but basically, we have a good reason to celebrate Christmas. Halloween, on the other hand has never been redeemed by Christian overtones. I have no problem with people trick or treating (although I do have a problem with all the candy!...:-) ) and the costumes (but I hate the horror emphasis). Each family has to decide what to promote and what to avoid.

I think evil is around us every day of the year and trying to attack us constantly, it is not a one day thing. So we should not worry too much about halloween, we should worry about how our relationship with God is, every day, every moment, so Evil doesn't take part of our lives.

Well we weren't Christians when we started having kids so we celebrated Halloween. Once we became Christians we continued to trick or treat because I didn't want my kids to associate becoming a Christian with taking their fun away. We have done lots of "Fall Festivals" at various churches and had a blast. We've also done trick or treating through the neighborhood. We have lots of good discussion about what is appropriate at Halloween and what isn't (costume choice, etc.) and we have a good time.

As a child, I always went trick or treating and I was raised in a Christian home. I see nothing wrong with a little harmless fun, but there is a lot of evil surrounding Halloween and a lot of evil things happen on that night. But then again, evil is around us and we can't "hole up" and not be a light to the world.

I went to Catholic school and we had the costumes, parades, and parties...and we also celebrate All Souls Day with mass.
You know, this actually surprised me!

Blog Post: A Hope and a Future (A Recycled Post)

We all have moments when we need to stop and think about what we have instead of focusing on what we do not.
Yes, we do! Why is it that all too often we focus on what we do not have?
Thank you all for your kind comments and your encouraging worlds on this post!

Blog Post: Christmas, Presents, Lights and All that Matters

I loved the comments, but you all left me wondering if you have posted about your favorite Christmas traditions or your favorite "things" about Christmas. So, if you have written about your Christmas traditions or moments, share your link!

Blog Post: Different Dream Parenting

Thank you for sharing your favorite books on special needs!

Blog Post: The 5th Season

I love the thought of Christmas as a 5th season! My daughter and I were just writing a song - a variation of The 12 Days of Christmas - and talking about how things like snowmen and sledding aren't really Christmas things. They are more like winter things.
Please do share the song!
And to "TheRogers" send me an e-mail, I would love to connect!

Blog Post: CP Connection #1

Make sure you keep checking this post! I decided to leave it open until CP connection #2 on January 1st. There are are a few new linked blogs so don't miss those!

Blog Post: Why Moms Need Friends

This is so true. It is good to take stock of the best times to get together for different friends so you can be intentional about catching up. Some of my friends it is best to do lunch together (either at home or out), others to do a cuppa at their place and others to go out for dessert once the kids are in bed. Once we start to accept that it is okay to have a playdate their are many different times and places for it to happen.
Thanks for the reminder - encouragement to make a playdate!
Great thoughts! I had to share :)

Anonymous said...
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Blog Post: Responding to Your Comments #2

Do you speak Spanish with your daughters? Just curious :-) I'm kind of interested in bilingualism and even studied some while at university.
Great question! When Ellie was little I did speak to her in Spanish. She had a pretty good vocabulary and understanding of simple things. She could name all her body parts, and knew the questions to what is your name, how old are you, and how are you. Basic stuff. When Nichole was born, I knew that speech would be an issue (because of her having Down syndrome) so I began to focus on sign language and English. I really stopped with any Spanish at all. Now, you have to remember, my husband does not speak Spanish, we do not live close to my family, and we really did not interact with anyone else that spoke Spanish. English really has become my first language, so speaking Spanish to my girls feels forced since I never really did it. Would I like for them to be bilingual? Absolutely! But more than anything I want Nichole to speak and be understood, that is my priority right now. And honestly, I don't know how to do both at this time. People giving me a hard time about it (si, ustedes familia, pero ni siquiera leen mi blog, asi que no me den lata!) doesn't help, I do a lot for my girls, we work really hard on so many other things, Spanish, right now, is in the back burner. But yes, I do hope that all 3 of them eventually speak Spanish!

Blog Post: Down Syndrome and Abortion

What a wonderful article! Several times a week I walk out of a store, or public place and ask myself, "Who are these 90+%?? Where are they??" I ask it because everywhere I go with my little girls (ages 3, 3 & 2, all with Ds - adopted from Ukraine with the help of Reece's Rainbow ;) they are met with smiles, sweet comments and downright adoration. From men and women. It makes it hard to get my shopping done, honestly. I'm not saying the 90+% aren't out there, it just seems like the vast majority of people who see my daughters, fall in love with them. And I admit, when I see a pregnant woman, I go out of my way to make sure and walk down her grocery aisle with the girls ;)I want the whole world to see what life with a child with Down syndrome is really like. If it were so scary, would I have THREE?? ;) They are the light of our life!! That being said, I never had a prenatal dx of Ds, so I really appreciate your candor in describing your personal experience, your fears and grief. Not having been in your shoes, I'm afraid I may not have been as understanding or compassionate as I should. I chose to parent children with Down syndrome, and didn't honestly understand how a mom could be sad about it. I appreciate the much-needed perspective.
You know, I see more and more people like your family that chose to adopt children with Down syndrome without having biological children with Ds. I love it! Yes, I do think the journey is a little bit different, and your perspective is absolutely beautiful! So for all of you that do not have kids with Down are missing out!

Blog Post: How Did You Find Us?

It was two years ago in Ukraine airport when God sent to me you Ellen and your daughter Nina.When I could not speak English yet and you did not speak Ukrainian but God sent to us man who was translator.I am thankful God that He brought us together that I met so beautiful women like you and I got a lots lessons from you.During this two years I can not forget you and sweet little girl Nina.Now I am very glad I can know more about you and your family.May God provides all your needs according His will.
This lady right here was our angel! It has been a rare treat to continue to be in touch with her! Let me tell you, God takes care of us through other people, and this lady is proof of that! I prayed for God to send me an angel, that I could not do it on my own, and it was this woman who quickly turned to me and helped me out...for 2 days! We are so thankful for you S!


  1. I love your answers to these questions! Direct, but gentle! I found your blog by linking back from a comment you left on mine...I have now spent the last 30 minutes snooping around here! :) What a tremendous blessing I have received in the time I have spent. You have a beautiful family with a beautiful story!

  2. Thank you for answering about your speaking Spanish! Please understand that I by no means meant for you to feel guilty! With Nichole, I fully understand it would be too much to mix in Spanish too, and since English is more of your mother tongue now I guess what you do makes perfect sense. And besides, with sign language, they'll get a bit bilingual anyway :-)

  3. I was always curious about your ideas about teaching Spanish to your children. The fact that you have relatives in Mexico and continue to use your language when they are around should stimulate interest in your kids. Hopefully, In God's timing your kids will learn Spanish...:-)

  4. I do hope they want to learn! And Milena, I did not take offense at all, I actually thought that was a great question! It is my family that almost always give me a hard time! So I was responding to them! But then of course...I don't think they read my blog! ha!


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