Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Live With Us Forever?

Funny how the mind works. When Nichole was born, some of the first questions I had about her future were things I never really questioned with Ellie.

-Will she ever get married?
-Will she have a job?
-Will she live with us forever?

Nichole brings such joy to our lives, that Andy and I joke about making her sign a contract where she promises to indeed live with us forever. I mean this girl touches our hearts in ways that blow us away! I have found her some nice boys that could make great husbands, and I have promised their moms I will take good care of their boys if our kids do end up falling in love.

Life with Nichole is beautiful. I thank God for this little rascal and for Him to entrust her to our family. Even Ellie tells us we don't get Nichole forever, when she is 18 (and you know, she will be a grownup then) she gets her. Ha!

To think we once assumed that her diagnosis of Down syndrome would bring limitations and hardships to our family...Ha! She has instead expanded us! Our hearts, our understanding, and our acceptance. She has brought a measure of love that comes directly from God. 

And she is fun! So much fun!

Here is a little glimpse. Nichole loves to make videos of the 2 of us, and this is a video we made a few weeks ago when she finally learned how to kiss!
 Nichole also has a thing for imitating Ellie, because she adored her big sister. Anything Ellie does Nichole is sure to follow. Ellie likes to sing with Nichole and they were showing me a song. Pardon the distraction of the camera.

Yes, we are smitten with this rascal, and sometimes even Nina cannot help but give in to Nichole's charm...sometimes. These 2 have a fierce competition going on, sound like sisters?

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  1. Ohhhh, that kiss video is so incredibly sweet! I love the idea of making Sammi sign a contract to say she'll live with us forever! LOL - I know exactly what you mean.

  2. Oh I love your girls. I'm needing another visit, I can feel it :)

  3. That warms my heart, so glad I saw this today.

  4. Both videos are so adorable and sweet! How I would love to be around your girls, if only for an hour or two...If only I lived nearer to your family, I think you'd be seeing an awful lot of me! ^_^

  5. You are so right, adopting Grace has changed me, expanded me. There are thoughts I cannot bear to think, of course I want her to be independent, as long as I can be a part of it. I think missing the first 4.5 years does have a way of affecting a mommy.

  6. Very, very precious.

  7. had a cousin who had downs...I have always loved being with these who love with such a big heart...worked with special olympics and when my friend gave birth to her little downs gift...they named her after me...
    So thankful you little one is in a home where the love is so evident and she will know she is truly loved and blessed...

  8. Ha ha! She likes to see herself, eh? Well, don't we all. Those videos are great!

  9. So sweet! My husband's step-sister has downs and she is the most loving and hugging person I know. I think she is in her late 40s and actually still lives with my in-laws. I don't know what they would do without her!

  10. What a fantastic video and post:) So glad you have each other and all the joy that entails. Good luck with your ginger bread house building, we do one every year and the kids love it:)

  11. Hi Ellen - lovely, just adorable. My best friend's daughter has down's syndrome and she's a total sweety. I believe they are God's way of showing us how to love properly!
    God bless and thank you for linking up

  12. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your words of encouragement, they mean alot and I know Hailey will do well in her wheelchair. Yes of course I remember you and your beautiful family. Cary and I are friends from way back, I've done at least 4 paintings of her boys,they are posted in various places on my blog.I love your video's! I love how your girls seem to learn from each other :)

  13. Of course you want her forever, who wouldn't! Nicole is so incredibly sweet in your videos. Thank you for sharing your love and joy with us at NOBH!

  14. I am inspired every time I come here!!


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