Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Perfect Day

According to Ellie, yesterday was a perfect day...

First, we played in the snow. We only had a sprinkle but the girls were so excited to go outside. Nichole lasted all but 5 minutes, she doe snot like the snow. Ellie and I had a snow fight, and she loved it. Nina just had fun being in the snow.

Then Ellie had her hair cut. She was growing it out to be like Rapunzel's, but the tangles and the time to brush and do her hair were driving her crazy. She decided she wanted it short. So that is what we did.

 At home, we worked on making the yummiest treats for teachers and for our Awana party. 

And that was our perfect day.


  1. That really IS a perfect day! How awesome. And please tell Ellie that her new 'do looks very pretty!

  2. Anonymous11:02 PM

    wow! now ellie looks just like nina from the back!

  3. Love the haircut and all the happy smiles! "Perfect" days when they come along are such a treat! My kids have missed snow this winter but I'm loving playing outside without all the snow gear and frozen fingers, of course come July we'll all be inside in the a/c!

  4. Yes, love her new haircut!


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