Saturday, December 31, 2011

CP Connection #2

With a New year, we are looking forward to some new exciting things for Nina. After her 6 month post-rhizotomy follow up at Mayo Clinic, we have some goals and lots of work to do. Hopefully we will get Nina back in private therapy because she needs it in order to accomplish these goals.

1. Nina will walk 20 feet independently with braces and shoes in 4 weeks.
2. Nina will ambulate with forearm crutches with contact guard assistance for 25 feet in 4 weeks.
3. Nina will transition from sit to stand independently from bench (90/90) in 3 weeks.
4. Nina will increase hamstring length to 35 degree popliteal angle.

Pretty exciting to think about, although 4 weeks sounds a little intimidating, but we will work hard to accomplish these goals. It would be great if her next gait analysis is done with her crutches and independent walking.

Some new 'toys" for Nina include:

Glasses: Nina has a new prescription and new glasses. We stayed with blue, because she likes blue glasses. She has such a small face that finding frames is difficult. But I think these are pretty cute. If you know of some good deals on bifocal glasses for kids, please share!

 AFOs: Nina finally outgrew her first air of braces. These new friends of hers are pretty sweet, not only because they have butterflies, but do you see how they seem to be in an angle?

 There is a plastic piece that connects the bottom and the top of the AFOs. This little plastic piece provides quite a bit of resistance, so when Nina stands, she has to really push and make her legs straight. When she takes a step, her toes come up, being pushed by that plastic piece in the AFO. This is making her take steps and make contact with her heel first...for the most at. We have never seen heel-toe steps, all we saw were toe steps or straight down, but never heel first. These AFOs are awesome!

 There is a down side to these awesome AFO's. The extra little piece there that makes Nina step so well, also makes her braces very wide. So wide indeed, that we have not been able to find any shoes that go over them other than Crocs.

 So here is a video of Nina walking with her new AFO's. If you pay close attention you will see there is heel first contact in her steps, especially her left.

 Forearm crutches: And they are pink! Okay, they look salmon, but it is a shade of pink so we are happy. This was Nina the first time she held them. She was very nervous.

And here she is, practicing walking with the crutches. We have been told it takes 2-6 months to learn how to use them. I believe that!

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  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I love your glasses Nina! Good job with your walking; you are getting really good! Mrs Y

  2. Love the glasses! I'm so impressed with the crutches. I can't wait to see her cruising around on them!

  3. I love everything on here - her glasses, the AFOs and the crutches. SUCH PROGRESS!

  4. She is such a doll! Her new glasses look great and I love her butterfly braces!

  5. Thanks for posting the videos!!! Love them so much. Ben has tried crutches before but really can't use them at I'm excited for after surgery to try them again. Those AFO's look AMAZING! Here's hoping we get something similar too.

    Happy New Year Ellen!

  6. Now here are resolutions worth the effort! Looking forward to seeing them happen.

  7. Thanks for documented the progress it is amazing and inspiring as we look to do the same surgery at Mayo this year! thanks for sharing!


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