Monday, June 7, 2010

Crafty Butterflies!

Having three little curious girls means that we have to have some structure to our days. it does not matter for as long as there is a plan. We tried homeschooling, but it is hard when I have 2 little girls that really need undivided one on one attention, and the one that can do it on her own is done before the others saying, "What is next?"

This has called for some creativity from my part, and our homeschooling times will be a little different. It is basically called craft time! And Ellie is one gifted little artist.

last week, Ellie and Nina made some butterflies! Nina needed help drawing the butterfly and cutting it. Ellie can do it all on her own. Nina needed some guidance to glue and help with the antennae, while Ellie could do it again all on her own. I think it made it easy that Nichole was not interested in the craft, but rather in watching a Barbie movie. I am sure her decision made the craft time a lot easier for the rest of us! And, grandma Stumbo was helping Nina too!
The beautiful butterfly creations!
Ellie made the purple butterfly and Nina the yellow one.
What an easy but fun craft!
We used foam for the body. I traced Nina's butterfly with pencil and Ellie copied the design. Then Ellie cut hers while I cut Nina's. Next, we made a hole using a hole punch. We then laced the pipe cleaner and twisted it a couple of times. Then we twisted the pipe cleaner around a pencil.
We then chose our pom poms for the body and glued them on.
We glued some sequence to decorate the body and Ellie also used some glitter stickers.
When the pom poms were almost dry, we added the googly eyes and Ellie decided to add a nose, which meant that Nina needed one too!

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