Monday, June 7, 2010

Practice Fine Motor Skills Through Play!

Now that the weather is nice, we try to come up with ways of being outside without actually being outside. Thankfully, the girls are happy being out in the porch, and so am I!

Nichole has really been interested in pouring, mixing, and scooping. She is not very good at it yet, and makes a big mess. She gets to do that in the bath tub, but I wanted to do something else besides water.

Today, as part of our fun time together, we took the play kitchen and table to the porch and opened up a bag of beans and a bag of lentils. I put them in two bowls, brought in different spoons, bowls and cups, and let the girls have fun with it!

They had a blast! And although they made a big mess, the clean up was not so bad. Ellie helped me and even suggested the best way to clean up.

Nichole did great, and I think the more we do it the better she will get. Right now, a scoop from the big bowl resulted in only one bean or two lentils in the little bowl, the rest was on the table and the floor. Towards the end I realized she was getting frustrated as she was using her hand and trying to dump it all on the table. I finally convinced her to dump it in a pan, but that only lasted so long.

So we will keep working on scooping and dumping. And I am thinking that maybe a sand box would be a fun toy for the summer!


  1. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Sand boxes are great babysitters, especially if you have a fenced yard. I recommend a wading pool sunk into your yard. That way the sand stays in the "sand box". I have had different kinds with different kids and the sunken one I liked the best. With three kids you don't want the smallest pool and I know it digs up your nice grass but in the end you will love it. Less comes in the house with the sunken one. Make sure there is shade over it too. Doesn't need to be heavy shade just so you don't cook the kids. Keeping it full of toys helps keeps the cats out, or a tarp night work. Good luck. A grandma

  2. I wish I was more able to let my girls make "messes" like this. More power to you! Glad you let them have this fun together.

  3. we have a sand box it's great.

    one thing we have done with beens lots of different coloured put them in a cardboard cup (like a chip cup) pop the beans in, glitter, stir, stir in glue PVC or something a craft clue pop a candle in the centre and leave to dry. peel off the paper cup leaving the bottom on and you are left with a cute candle. we did Green, red..Christmas colours.


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