Thursday, June 24, 2010

Botox Time!

Nina now has 4 round band-aids on her legs where she received her Botox injections. She seems pretty proud of them, just like any kid, and makes sure to point them out.

The entire experience was so smooth. The doctor was there with an intern and he went through the procedure again. This is what we know: Botox is just a temporary fix, and you take full advantage of loosened muscles to do stretches and break into the AFO's. He said in 3 to 6 months, the effects will start to wear off and we will have to do it all over again.

This time Nina got some shots on her calf muscles next time it will be her hips.

I had explained to Nina what was going to happen. I did not want her to be surprised by 4 injections to her legs. She was nervous, as I told her it would probably hurt a little bit, but that it would help her to walk.

As the doctor explained this to Nina again, she got sad and was about to cry. Then she looked up at him and with the sweetest little voice said... "But then Nina can dance?"

Talk about a sweet moment! A little girl who dreams of dancing with her sisters.

So the doctor says, "Yeah sure, maybe someday."

What? What kind of answer is that? How can he miss this?

"Did you hear what she said?" I asked. "This is a sweet moment and you cannot miss it." I continued. "This is a little girl who was an orphan not too long ago, who was neglected and now thrives in a family. Her world is full of potential and possibility and here she is sharing with you the dream she has to someday dance with her sisters. Isn't this sweet?"

I then looked back to the other doctor. "Isn't this sweet?"

We are all guilty of allowing special moments to become routine. So much so that we miss them. However, I was not going to let the moment pass without these two men realizing that this was much more than just a Botox injection. And they did, they both smiled and really thought about Nina's words, about the meaning behind the question and the dreams of this little girl who cannot even stand without help.

"Yes, it is really sweet." The doctor agreed, smiled, and somehow saw Nina for Nina, not just one more patient.

Nina cried a little bit, but once we were done she was happy!

So now we are stretching a lot more and hoping to feel the effects of the Botox soon!

On a different note, while Nina was telling Andy what happened, she said something like, "And they did not tie Nina down, mommy holds Nina, and then mommy carry Nina and kiss her, and no tying!" Makes you wonder all that took place, doesn't it?

Some might say that she is lucky to have us, that we are a blessing to her. However, we are lucky to have her. And I cannot wait for the day when our Nina stands in the middle of the room and dances, because on that day, we will be lucky to have her, and to witness a dream come true! What a day that will be!


  1. I love this entire post. from what nina said, to you making the doctors think about it, to what she told her daddy. I'm so glad she can verbalize her feelings about the whole event, and it breaks my heart to think about what she has been through.

  2. Nina is so fortunate to have a mom who will stand up for her!

  3. ::applause:: Good for you for not letting those doctors glaze over Nina and the beautiful way what they are doing can impact her! I truly hope that the moment you shared with them will have a lasting effect on how they see their patients!

  4. Wow I love the whole thing. It is sad to think of what happened to Nina. I wonder if she was nervous about that the whole time.

  5. Wonderful and so very sweet!

  6. You are such a good Mom!

  7. Three cheers for you! You have learned (much faster than I did) that you must stop the docs and make them think about what they are saying. Yay, Ellen! Never let them forget that the kids are kids first and the disability & all it's conditions, are secondary issues.

  8. You are Mom idol for me.
    funny ..... your story.

    ps. Beautiful Blog


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