Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crazy Curls

I know, I might be biased, but my sweet Nichole has to be the cutest little girl sporting crazy curls. I don't even try to do her hair because she looks so cute!

When Nichole was first born and we were learning about Down syndrome I read somewhere that her hair would be straight and fine. I was sad thinking maybe we would not be able to do ponytails or beautiful long hair. It seems trivial, but as a new mom, it becomes one more thing to grieve. Now I look at her wild hair and think, show your curls babe, show those curls!

Oh, and yes, Nichole is wearing a Christmas dress...and so are her sisters. Christmas dresses in June. All three of them love wearing dresses, and we don't have enough! So we had to resort to ANY dress available.


  1. I love the curls too! I won't cut Daniel's hair because he has such cute curls :)

  2. Curls are pretty rare in people with Ds. Nichole's are gorgeous! Want to send us a couple?

  3. Those curls are adorable! All your girls are dolls!


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