Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nina's Walker

Yesterday we finally got Nina's hot pink walker! It was ordered in February and it finally came. I think it is the reality of insurance covering such an expensive and such involved equipment. We are just thankful that we finally have it! Next month Nina will have botox injections on her legs and this will be another step forward towards mobility!

We knew that her walker would take up some room, but I did not expect it to be so big and so heavy. As soon as I brought it inside the house, I realized it was a tight fit as it got scratched up a little just going in through the door.

There is only one room where Nina can really use the walker, so we are thinking about different possibilities (like knocking down some walls, or building an addition, all which are a lot of money!)
For now, we are just making this be something fun!

We really talked about how great it would be to get her pink walker and she loves it! She will even stay in it for about 10 minutes! But right now when she wants down we put her down so that she just gets familiar with it. We are also trying to figure out the best "settings" for her, so slowly but surely we will work it out!

After much coaxing and prompting she finally let the death grip on it go and she stood up all by herself, without holding on to anything! This is a huge step on the right direction. Although the harness holds her up, she is learning some balance, but more important, she is learning to trust, and hopefully the message is getting in her heart, that she can do it!


  1. I love it!!! She looks thrilled!

  2. Wow that is so amazing! I read the blog about her at PT and the videos made me cry! It was SO AWESOME to hear her little voice "Wow!". I was saying the same thing! Wow she is RUNNING!

    I hope you can take her sometimes into a big gym or meeting area at church or something where she can really move about! I'm sure it's a hard thing to move about though!

    Loving hearing about this!
    ~Jen Bartholomew


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