Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun In The Sun...But Not Alone!

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful! It makes for everyone in our family wanting to go play outside. We have an awesome swing set and it is nice to have the girls enjoy it. All of them love swinging.

Ellie has a lot of fun running, climbing, an so forth. Nina loves to swing but anything else outside results into her turning into a wooden board and collapsing wherever she is, regardless of what she is doing, and it is accompanied by crying. This results in Nina swinging, swinging...or swinging. Nichole loves to swing for a while, then she wants to get down and try to climb up the slide, forget the ladder, but she can't do it. She then gets frustrated and takes off. Where you ask? Anywhere that is not our yard! And no, we do not have a fence...we really need one, she is a runner!

I have tried taking the girls to play outside, in our backyard, all by myself. It is not a possibility for us. Nina's needs, along with Nichole turning into a rascal as soon as her lungs are filled with outside air, and Ellie wanting me to play with her is a recipe for disaster. Oh, and a frustrated mom that ends up carrying two girls as quickly as possible inside the house. One turns into a floppy noodle and is usually only attached to my "nearness" by the hand, I have to be fast before she is gone and running towards the street. Yeah, Nina holds on to my neck for dear life afraid I might just put her down on the floor to go chasing the little rascal.

I don't mean this is a negative way, it is just part of life, and until we get a fence, I cannot do this solo. As you can imagine, daddy coming home is exciting because there are two adults teaming up against the sort ones. We win, they win, we are all happy :)

Yesterday was one of those days!

Ellie does not get lots of attention here on the blog, but she sure gets lots of attention at home. I asked her the other day who was the sister that got the most attention. "Me mommy, of course I get the most attention!"
We really do try to make her feel special and not put to the side because of her sisters. So far, I think she still believes the world revolves around her.

And Nichole discovered she can climb our little slide all by herself, any way she wants! it kept her entertained for a while, until she thought it was time to take a run. Good thing I could chase her and practice "Stop." We are working on it.

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