Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nina's 4th Birthday

On May 1st, Nina turned 4 years old. This was not an ordinary day, or an ordinary birthday, but rather, a every significant day in her life. Her 4th birthday was the day that we celebrated her, the day that she was showered with balloons from friends, had her own cake, and we sang happy birthday to her.

But what is even more significant is what did not happen. Saturday was not the day that someone came to take her away to an institution. Saturday was not the day where she would have began to slowly die. Saturday was not her death sentence. Saturday was a day of life, a day of rejoicing. She once was lost, but now she is found, she is loved, she is wanted!

The reality of this day weighs so heavy on my heart. A child saved from an institution...a child that we sacrificed so much so that we could bring her home. And she was worth it!

Happy Birthday my sweet little girl. You have hope and a future. You are loved!

Last August we began the journey of adoption. I did all I could so that we could get her home as soon as possible. Her 4th birthday looming in the back of my mind. And now she is home!

A few months ago I shared a post about what these institutions are like. I don't want to forget, I don't want anyone to forget what happens to children with special needs in Eastern Europe. Ukraine was no different than Serbia is. She was so close to being sent away all because of her Cerebral Palsy.

So I will share this video with you again. The images are hard to see, but they need to be seen! There are too many orphans that need a family, too many Nina's out there. You don't have money? Neither did we, God provided. Do you have room for one more bed, do you have room for one more persona at the dinner table? Do you have $10 or more that you can give for one of the children from Reece's Rainbow? You might not be able to save one of these by bringing them home, but you can help another family. You can really save a life!

So watch the video, and allow these images to be etched in your mind. It is okay if you cry a little as it touches your heart. Because most likely nobody will cry for these orphans that die in institutions, nobody cares. Will you?


  1. Happy Birthday, Nina!!! She looks so happy in the pictures =) I am glad she is feeling better!

  2. Happy Birthday, Nina! It must have been such a special day for her!

    That video is so sad. My husband and I are adopting two children from Ukraine. We too don't have much money, but we are trusting God with this.

    I wrote about some of my favorite blogs yesterday and I included yours in the list. I love how honest you are.

  3. Happy Birthday Nina! <3

  4. Happy Birthday Sweet girl.

    I'm already crying from reading your post.

    I can't watch the video again, I have seen it before though.

  5. Happy (Belated) 4th Birthday, Sweet Nina! I hope you are feeling better. Big Hugs ~ JO

  6. Happy Birthday Nina!!!

    So happy for you and your family :)

    I wish every orphan was so lucky to have a family sing happy birthday to them.

  7. Tilly6:10 AM

    Happy birthday, Nina!

    Ellie: Do you have any idea why it is that in some regions, you cannot adopt a child once he/she has been sent to the mental institution? I've seen this mentioned on many RR profiles and I thought perhaps you'd know, as I believe some regions of Ukraine use this policy. I've Googled this, but to no avail!

  8. Love seeing her joy!

  9. Happy birthday Nina! Her smile is electrifying.

    That video absolutely broke my heart. To think that people with disabilities are to this day so devalued is appalling. What a blessing it is for Nina to have been adopted into your wonderful family where she will have endless opportunities and a much better life!


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