Saturday, May 8, 2010

Answering Some Questions

How is Nina doing?

She is doing very well! She rarely gets pain medication. She asks for it in the morning but only out of routine. I did give her some later today thinking she needed it, but that was it. Her scabs are coming off, and that makes me a little scared, however, her behavior is not of a child in pain. She even tells us her throat is fine and she wants peanuts and crackers!
Emotionally, she is doing better than ever. Whatever happened in her little heart after we had our encounter with the Russian speaking lady at the hospital was definitely from God!

Do you have any idea why it is that in some regions, you cannot adopt a child once he/she has been sent to the mental institution? I've seen this mentioned on many RR profiles and I thought perhaps you'd know, as I believe some regions of Ukraine use this policy. I've Googled this, but to no avail!

It depends on the institution. Ukraine, as a country is okay with children being adopted out of institutions (and some are!) but most institutions are not open to the adoptions. Why institutions would not allow it? The video I posted answers that question for me. How you treat those less fortunate tells how you view the value of their life.

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