Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today during church we got a little bit of snow. Nothing big really. The flakes melted as soon as they touched the ground. I have to admit I was not excited about it. Snow means cold, and cold is not something I am especially fond of.

The cold season also means that there are more viruses roaming around finding available hosts. Ellie and Nichole are both sick. Ellie only has a runny nose, but Nichole is so congested. My poor baby finds it hard to breath at times, and she wakes up in the morning with a snotty mes all over her face. Last night she was so uncomfortable she was crying, so I brought her to bed, I could not sleep because she sounded terrible. It really is wonderful when kids are old enough to blow their noses!

So a little bridge of the nose means things do not drain as well for Nichole. I am not big on medicine, but I am really considering asking her doctor if we can give her mucinex, maybe it will help dry things up.

Andy is in seminary for the week, and I am not looking forward to sickness. It is one of those things where I will really have to trust God and allow Him to carry us through the week. I will be praying for no snow, because we have a pretty long driveway and there is no way I could shovel on my own at once, granted it would have to be when the girls go to bed or take a nap.

Ellie is excited for the week. Lots of fun things happening at school and at church. Nichole is just going with the flow, owning up to being the greatest baby in the world.

Well, I committed to writing every day in honor of Down syndrome awareness month. This has not much to do with Down syndrome, but it has to do with our everyday life. As you can see, our lives are pretty normal.

I will go now.


  1. I like your every day stuff and I like you can comment on mine again! :)

  2. Wow, snow? That is the cold white stuff that falls from the sky and accumilates on the ground like in the movies, right? LOL, sorry, a little Texas humor. We have "cold fronts" running through which bring us down to the 50's.

    As for the stuffy nose. A humidifier really works wonders for us. Poor Syd has the same congestion issues.


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