Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Wonderful Grandma

I grew up in a different culture. A culture that values and "lives" family different than the American culture. For one thing, my parents and my in-laws WILL NOT go to nursing homes for as long as I have a say. This might be the greatest thing that I just don't get about the American culture.

Yesterday I was talking to my grandma. My grandma is my mother too. I was also raised by her. If I did not spend weekends overnight at her house, I at least saw her every Sunday. When we moved and were 3 hours away, we visited often, and during the summer I would stay for weeks at a time. We are very close. I love her dearly.

One thing to know about my grandma is that she is quite the "sophisticated" lady. She grew up with the elite in Mexico, and her family came from Spain with the Spanish court. She is in fact a duchess, if she was to claim her title in Spain. Perfection, good manners, and looks are very important to her.

My grandma has had a serious heart condition for many years. She is a living miracle as she was not expected to live a long as she has. God knows we need her, and He knows how much her love and prayers do to each one of our lives.

When Nichole was born with Down syndrome, we did not know if we would be able to tell her. We were afraid that the news would be enough to break her heart. We were afraid that the news would be devastating and embarrassing. However, she has embraced the news like the lady that she is. Her Nikki (as she calls her) is a joy to her, and she can't wait to meet her and hold her close.

Yesterday I talked on the phone with my grandma. We were dreaming together of how wonderful it will be when she sees her great-granddaughters. In the conversation she said, "Nikki is just like any other child, there is no difference." And this meant so much to me. Because I know that my grandma, despite of what she was "taught," knows better. Her heart knows better. She knows Nichole is beautiful, and she knows that Nichole was sent to our family because we all needed her.

I wish my girls had the opportunity to meet my Mami, to grow up close to her, to know her.

I want Mami to see my girls, to look into Nichole's almond shaped eyes, to hear her singing to her. Nichole has a very special place in my grandma's heart, and instead of beaking it because of a diagnosis, she has given her life, life so my grandma has something to look forward to. Her heart is waiting for the day she gets to meet Nichole. And I am ready to watch that wonderful sight, because it would forever be part of my favorite memories.


  1. Oh Ellen, how special. I love your grandma and want to meet her. What a special lady. I have heard you talk about her before. How special. I hope she can meet your girls soon!

  2. What a gift to be able to unite two people who are four generations apart. How wonderful!


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