Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So here we are, half way through October. It means National Down syndrome awareness month is half-way over.
I have posted every day. When I joined the 31 for 21 I was not sure I would be able to do it!

Again, I would love your input.

What has been helpful so far?
Is there something you wish you knew more about?
Any new questions?
What have you learned so far?
What have been the most helpful, or, your favorite posts?

I really want to know if your perspective on Down syndrome has changed. If there is anything that you had never thought about before, or if any of this is new to you.
You hear form me by reading this blog, I would love to hear from you too!

I do love comments (yes, I really do). That way I know where to go next.

I have thought about posting some of my journal entries, from the time that Nichole was first born, until now. But then I think, would anyone care to read that?

So, today it is your turn to write and leave a comment.


  1. Ellen Hall10:17 PM

    Hi Ellen-
    My comment to you is that I think your blog is WONDERFUL! Hope you don't mind me passing your blog address on to some friends!
    Hope all is going well.

  2. Ellen,
    I think your blog has been need to print it off and hand it to new moms and dads who have welcomed a baby into this world who happens to have an extra chromosome. Your words scream love, scream joy!! Then give it to their families, their friends...
    We love your children, your family!!

  3. Connie1:55 PM

    Ellen -

    Your blog is wonderful. I can feel the love in every entry. Keep it up.

  4. Ellen, your post is wonderful and amazing. I've learned a lot reading it. And I can not wait each day till you publish a new post!!!!! I would like so much if you can share some of your writings in your journal (well, that's only if you want to, and not feel uncomfortably). I would like it, because with all your post and experience, you have teached me a lot of what really matters in life. Thanks a lot! I can say I'm not the same as I was before I've read your blog!


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