Monday, October 13, 2008

My thoughts on Sarah Palin

I promise that I will answer all the questions that were posted or e-mailed. Many of these questions have been answered in other posts. Since I am (finally) done taking in general about the "facts" of Down syndrome, I will start by answering the other questions.

So I am finally getting to the very first questions I got :)

What do I think about Sarah Palin?
If she was a man, nobody would be questioning the commitment to a family (such as nobody is questioning if Obama is really committed to his family). Because she is a woman, it seems to be a big deal that she is running to have such a highly demanding job.
Her husband, Tod, is a say-at-home- dude. I know of many, many families, where the mother works, and the father takes care of the children.
I know, in our family, I would trust Andy 100% with our girls. He would do just fine having them all day long. Would he enjoy it? Absolutely not! Would I enjoy having a full time job? No way! I love my job staying home with our girls, but this is our family, our choice. Every family has their own dynamics.

As far as I know, Trig is a very healthy baby. If so, he does not require any special care. He is a baby, just like any other baby. Yes, I am sure that he will be going to physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. In our area, (as I believe it is in most of the United States,) many of these services are provided in the home. So I am not taking Nichole to all these places, rather, her therapists come to our house.
I have also recently read of a family that chose not to receive what we would call "professional" therapy, and they took it upon themselves to help their daughter who has Down syndrome. She is a beautiful, very high functioning child. Her parents have done something right even without the help of therapists. I have no idea what Palins have chosen to do, but I am very confident that Tod is fully capable to provide for Trig's needs.

So, now I am curious, what do ALL of you think about Sarah Palin? Her husband? And her beautiful son?

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  1. This is Joyce, Sarah's Mom. These poems are beautiful. Please thank your friend for writing them and thank you for sharing. I so admire the ability to write poetry and these are excellent.


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