Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Hard Reality

I am a part of a forum for parents of children with Down syndrome. This forum was a wonderful life line for me when Nichole was first born. I remember looking at all the beautiful pictures of the children, and feeling that life was after all...normal.

There were children of all ages, with families form all different backgrounds, but we all have something in common. Our child has more chromosomes than yours! I have been able to meet some of these moms face-to-face. The bond we share is powerful.

Recently, because of Sarah Palin and her son Trig, there have been numerous articles and web-sites that attack individuals with Down syndrome. We have shared these in our forum, and we are taking action in the little ways that we can. From flagging blogs, to sending letters to networks or movie producers. I have to take it personal, because after all, they are talking about my child.

I am sad to know that for some people, Nichole's life is disposable. I am angered to know that some people might find me irresponsible for choosing not to be tested, for choosing not to have an amnio, and for choosing not to have an abortion. I am angered that these people think that I have placed a burden to our society. If they only knew, that she has brought no burdens, but many countless blessings.

It confirms in my heart that I have a job to do. I have to be an advocate for Nichole, and for all other children with Down syndrome. These wonderful people that have an extra chromosome have more to offer to society that than they will ever take. Their lives are so rich, and so deep. Our world would be a better place if all children with Down syndrome were given the opportunity to live. If their mother's had been given answers and hope as they faced a daunting diagnosis.

Today I read a great article and watched the video of a beautiful girl with Down syndrome that was voted Homecoming Queen at her high school. They showed her with her friends and family. These people get it! This is what I want for Nichole, this is one of my dreams. That others will see the beauty of her life, that she will be accepted, that she will be wanted. That she will have friends, go out to have ice-cream, go out to movies. That she will have a boyfriend, and someday get married. That she will go to college and find a job that she loves. I want her to be a part of life!

God did not make a mistake when he created people with Down syndrome. He knew exactly what He was doing. He knew our world needed them. I like what Andy said to me once, "maybe Down syndrome is not a mistake (genetic mistake) but an alternative"

And a beautiful alternative, because if you hold my baby girl and look into her eyes, I guarantee you, you will see love, and you will never be the same.


  1. Great post Ellen! I am keeping up with your blog in between the drugs :). Yes you would enjoy me right now I am only crazier on pain pills. Praying Nichole feels better soon and Ellie is good for you while Andy is gone!

  2. I just wrote a post this evening about someone that I met today that missed the opportunity to see the joy in Down Sydnrome. God did indeed know what he was doing. Psalm 139 talks about how he Knew us before the world did and he knit us together. Great post!


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